Master Course Faculty Member

Name Research topics Research Objectives and Keywords
Shingo Ohtuki Sports Medicine Exercise and bone density
Therapentic Exercise
Prevention of sports disorders
Hazama Ryuta Nuclear Physics
Neutrinoless Double Beta Decays
Dark Matter Search
Environmental Radioactivity
Isotope Separation
Hamasaki Tatsuhide Water Environment Fluorine Sorption
Advanced Oxidation Process
Miyamoto Tadayoshi System Physiology Exercise Physiology
Exercise Adaptation
Cardio-Respiratory Control
System Analysis
Fujinaga Takeshi Modern History of Korea Licensed Prostitute System in Modern Korea
Social Movement in Jeju Island, Korea
Past Liquidation Policy in Korea
Ethnic Education of Koreans in Japan
Nakata Hideomi Sports Science and Exercise Strength and Conditioning
Sport Physiology
Athletic Performance
Yoshikawa Koji Urban Planning
Transportation Planning
Research on Application of 3D Measurement Technology to Urban and Environmental Fields
Analysis of the convenience of walking access to commercial facilities in a station area
Methodology development for estimating and evaluating the effects of LRT introduction in a medium-sized city in China
Urban environmental analysis using the mesh method: The case of CO2 reduction in Osaka City
Fundamental Research on Urban Environmental Resourcefulness of Open Space and Building Line Roads in the Senba District
Research on the Effectiveness of Conservation Measures for Historic Landscapes: The Case of Nara
Mimura Satoru Sports psychology High performance
Sports mental training
Sports counseling
Kawata Miki Environmental Sociology Commons
Local Community
Life Emvironmentalism
Amano Keiko Housing environment
Urban Planning
Disaster prevention and evacuation plan for the elderly
Local public transportation
Shimano Koji Vegetation
Plant ecology
Predicting the future of forests by forest structure
Relationship between vegetation and site environment
Environmental diagnosis based on the plant species composition
Tsuruta Tetsuya Freshwater Ecology Biodiversity
Conservation Biology
Freshwater Fish
Stream Ecology
Tsuyuguchi Ryota Sport science
Health science
Health education
Fall prevention
Cognitive function
Relationship between toe grip strength and physical function
Training related to toe grip
Injury prevention for athletes
Fall prevention
Cognitive function improvement